On June 30th, 2017, after 25 years of cuts, coloring, curling and so much more, JAG Hair Salon will be closing its doors. While JAG will be closing, we are extremely happy to announce that a brand new hair salon, Vanity Hair Studio, will be taking its place on July, 11th, 2017!

Vanity will be owned by Yadira and Carmella, two of JAG's incredible hairdressers who you already know and love.

In addition to Yadira and Carmella the same wonderfully talented staff at JAG will be a part of the new salon, Vanity!

In order to make this transition period easier, the salon's location will remain the same and our phone number will still be (845)-485-2000. In addition to the name change when Vanity opens it will include renovations and a fresh look!

For those that know me, Gina, as owner, hairdresser, friend, and family, the only title of mine that will be changing is owner. I will still be behind my chair during regular hours at Vanity Hair Studio.

After being a salon owner for 30 years (JAG making up 25 of them), I could not deny that it was time to simplify my life and concentrate on doing what I do best. I personally would like to thank, from the bottom of my heart, all of my wonderful, loyal clients who have been with me for so, so many years. I truly appreciate your business and friendship along the way, and I hope that I may continue to be of service to you and continue our friendship in the coming years.

As of July, 11th, 2017 we are pleased to welcome you to Vanity Hair Studio!

**Please Note that if you have a gift certficate to JAG it will become invalid after June, 30th, 2017, so please come in before then to make use of your gift money**

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